This month we are thrilled to be participating in Slow Food Nations’ Arc of Taste initiative! We love supporting Slow Food because our Mission and Purpose are so connected to what they stand for. Learn more about the Slow Food movement here.

The purpose of Arc of Taste is to highlight a catalogue of delicious and distinctive foods that are facing extinction. We hope that by supporting this initiative, we are creating a new demand for these amazing foods that are worth rehabilitating. As an honored participant in this movement, we are one of several restaurants from around the country who have created a dish using one of these ingredients to highlight.

The ingredient that we are focused on is mesquite! You can learn more about the superfood here.

Our baker, Tracey, has created a delicious and decadent dessert that will be available at the Eatery and the Marketplace through 7/19. The Mocha Mesquite Bars have a walnut and date based crust, a maple mesquite filling made with coconut and cacao butters, and a mocha ganache. These bars have a great depth of flavor that highlight the sweet-smokiness of the mesquite powder.

Stop by one of our locations to give these delicious and limited time only bars a try, and support an endangered ingredient!