This unique class will focus on how human beings have for centuries used bitters to promote digestion, immunity, healthy skin, and relief from allergies - and how you can incorporate bitters into your lifestyle and daily diet to reap their incredible benefits. 

What'll you'll learn in this hands-on class:

  • How to make your own mock/cocktail using an infusion of bitters

  • Ways to use a variety of bitter ingredients in snacks and side dishes

In this 2-hour class, you'll not only learn the traditional use of bitters but also how to cook with it while preparing a chicken and bok choy stir-fry with an arugula salad.  

DECEMBER 6TH (6:30PM to 8:30PM) - Bone Broth & Fermented Foods [LAMB STEW WITH KIMCHI] 

Ever wondered how to make bone broth? Or has the leftover turkey carcass always seemed so wasteful if just thrown out? Come learn how to make bone broth! In this small cooking class, you’ll learn the important steps of making bone broth - and discover it’s really not that hard once you get the hang of it! This class will also cover how to make broths and soups, utilize animal organs, and complement your new culinary knowledge with gut-healthy kimchi.

ALL the meals you make will be gluten-free and adjustable based on your food preferences (aka dairy-free is available). Each class includes 2 complimentary glasses of wine or kombucha. 

LOCATION: Fresh Thymes Marketplace in Boulder, Colorado, at 2690 28th Street, Boulder, Colorado

Our five fall cooking classes are taught by the talented Abby Knowles, co-creator of Boulder Kitchen Collective. You may know her as the nut-butter lover behind LIFE OF RILEY FOODS, a natural food company she ran from 2012 to 2016 before she decided to return to the kitchen to prepare healthy fare for families and friends alike. Her culinary career was kickstarted at the age of 16 when she was hired on as a dishwasher (we all start somewhere, amirite?). The allure of both fine cuisine and nutrition propelled Abby to pursue high endeavors, including working under several nationally known chefs and being staged at the longest running Mobil's five-star restaurant, The Maisonette, in her hometown of Cincinnati. After securing two degrees - one from the University of Colorado and one from Western Culinary Institute (Le Corden Bleu) - Abby worked under Chef Jean-Robert de Cavel at the four-star restaurant Pigall's. That's where she worked her way up the line and onto helping open Lavomatic as Sous-Chef under de Cavel's restaurant group. Talented, tenacious and ready to teach classes for Fresh Thymes, Abby lives in Boulder with her husband and two daughters.