Fresh Thymes is a CSR, or Community-Supported Restaurant. ONLY ONCE A YEAR are customers invited to become members.

We call it localvesting. Simply put: By investing in Fresh Thymes, you’re supporting the local food movement and organic farming practices. Your support helps us grow (in big ways!), and you get food credit at the Eatery and Marketplace with a 20% to 30% return to use for one calendar year.* So, you get all of your investment back, plus some, in the form of food. Nothin' wrong with that.

625 bucks? That's 125 Magic bars! ...OR ONE BURGER every week for a year!

Love the food here? Want to help us grow? A CSR Membership is the perfect chance to spoil your taste buds while supporting Fresh Thymes.

HOW DOES a CSR membership WORK?

Fresh Thymes CSR Membership is inspired by CSA programs that have been so essential for farms. The idea is simple: Farms take pre-payment for the expenses needed for the future growing cycle. In return, CSA members gets fresh fruit and vegetables. Our Fresh Thymes CSR membership offers the same: a chance for you to invest in a business that aligns with your values, and one that makes darn good food, in order to help us grow. 

Once your CSR membership is activated, you can use it once per day (up to $30 or $50 from a single account, depending which tier your pick) at either the Eatery or Marketplace. Your CSR membership is good for one year.


We've got three great choices:

$250 / $300 credit - a 20% return! Perfect for students or young pros.

$500 / $625 credit - a 25% return! Great for cool coupons and frequent diners. 

$1,000 / $1,300 credit - a 30% return! A steal for Fresh Thymes regulars and families. 


CSR MEMBERSHIP IS SOLD OUT for the 2019-2020 season. Thank you to all our new and returning members who signed up! The next CSR season will open in the late summer of 2020.


My husband and I love knowing that we are contributing to the success of a local business that we care about so much. And who doesn't love knowing they have "credit" to spend at their favorite restaurant! We like investing our resources into the people and purposes that matter most in our lives. Good, nutritious food for our family is important and we are thrilled to be a part of Fresh Thymes in an even more profound way as a CSR member. -Keely Cormier, a CSR Member since 2013