Our restaurant is 100% gluten-free and peanut-free. We offer plenty of vegan, vegetarian, paleo, and keto options on our menu.

P.S. We love to make righteous nut substitutions. Just ask!

fresh thymes eatery Menu

A picture of a plate heaped with Grass-Fed Skirt Steak slices with a dipping side of House Pesto, next to a serving of bright kale salad, and roasted squash and quinoa. These are just some of the gluten-free selections from The Fresh Thymes Eatery Counter in Boulder Colorado.

the counter selections

Chicken & 2 Sides / $13.75
Pork & 2 Sides / $14.00
Steak & 2 Sides / $14.50
3 Sides / $11.75

Seasonal Counter Salads
Seasonal Soups
Seasonal Veggie Tarts
Rosemary Flatbread and herb oil

Proteins A La Carte
Brined and Grilled Local Chicken with House Pesto / $5.75
Grass-Fed Skirt Steak with House Pesto / $6.25
Local Pastured Ancho Chili Pork with Jalapeño Relish / $6.00
Riot Chicken Wings with Ranch Dressing (contains nuts) / $5.75

A La Carte
Rosemary Flat Bread with Herb Oil / $2.75
Seasonal Veggie Tarts / $2.75
Single Counter Salad / $5.00
Cup of Soup / $5.50
Bowl of Soup / $7.50

Our counter is mix 'n' match style, so you can try something new every single time you visit. 

A picture of a plated Green Chili Chicken Burger, heaped with cheddar cheese, juicy red tomato, crisp lettuce, perfect avocado slices and a side of Green Chili Ranch from Fresh Thymes Eatery in Boulder Colorado.

Seasonal burgers

Southwest Black Bean Burger / $12.00
Hickory smoke, charcoal seasoned, crunchy cabbage slaw, lime vin, chipotle love sauce (contains nuts)

House Grind Chicken Burger / $14.00
Cajun remoulade, goat cheese, cucumber, red onion, romaine (contains nuts & dairy)

Local Fresh Burger / $14.25
House-ground local pastured beef, Swiss cheese, violet mustard, red onion, romaine (contains dairy)

All our burgers come with gluten-free buns.


grilled pizzaS

Verde / $12.50
House pesto, mushrooms, caramelized onions, goat cheese, fresh arugula

Wicked Chicken / $12.75
Riot wing sauce, adobo chicken, green chiles, green onions, mozzarella, romaine, dairy-free ranch dressing (contains nuts)

Lolita / $12.75
Caramelized onions, kale, dates, goat cheese, jalapeño chimichurri sauce, chicken sausage

Calabrese Salumi / $13.00
Creminelli salami, marinara, fennel, onion, pepperoncini, whole milk mozzarella

Cheesy One / $11.50
Fresh marinara, whole milk mozzarella & your choice of add-on toppings such as green chilies, pesto, chicken or mushrooms

Our pizza crusts are gluten-free and dairy-free. 

A picture of the beautiful gluten-free Diva Salad from Fresh Thymes Eatery in Boulder Colorado.


Piri-Piri Chicken & Grilled Kale / $12.75 Grilled kale, arugula, radish, toasted pepitas, sheep feta, marinated Piri-Piri chicken, lemon vinaigrette

The Diva / $13.75
Chopped organic greens, avocado, dates, house smoked almonds, garlic croutons, local goat cheese, grilled chicken, sherry lime vinaigrette (contains nuts)

Kale-bouleh Salad with Chicken Shawarma / $12.75
Kale, cauliflower, currants, preserved lemon, radish, sunflower seed, crouton, parsley, mint, anchovy vinaigrette (contains nuts)

Small House Salad / $5.25
Romaine, carrots, cucumbers, garlic croutons & your choice of dressing

+ Grilled Chicken / $5.00
+ Steak / $5.00

+ Black Bean Burger / $5.00

House-Made Dressings (dairy-free):
Sherry Lime Vinaigrette
Lemon Vinaigrette
Ranch Dressing  (contains nuts)

Photo of the gluten-free Dragon Tacos from Fresh Thymes Eatery in Boulder Colorado. There are three in the serving, plated in a tidy line down a wooden board, with a glass of Rosé wine in the background. Each taco presenting a generous mound of rosy kimchi on a sprinkling of carrot cucumber slaw topping a layer of skirt steak, centered carefully on a blue corn tortilla.

Big Bites

Logan's Famous Riot Wings / $12.50
Grilled chicken wings, Riot Wing Sauce, carrots, celery, housemade ranch dressing (contains nuts)

The Gold Bowl / $13.00
without chicken / $12.00

Coconut turmeric sauce, bean thread noodles, spicy Thai cabbage slaw, black sesame, ginger garlic chicken (contains soy and fish sauce)

Dragon Tacos / $13.50  sub cassava tortillas add $1
Abbondanza’s blue corn tortillas, Korean marinated skirt steak, house made kimchi, carrot cucumber slaw, Sriracha aioli
(contains soy and nuts)     

Grilled Cauliflower Tacos / $12.50 sub cassava tortillas add $1
Abbondanza's blue corn tortillas, macha salsa, avocado, lime, spicy red cabbage slaw

The Mac Attack  sm / $8.00  lg / $11.00  +add-ons / $1 each
Mac 'n' Cheese made with cashew cream sauce (contains nuts)
Add-ons: caramelized onions, mushrooms, seared greens, green chilies, riot sauce, roasted chicken, steak, pesto, chicken sausage, red chili pork



Magic Bar / $5 Almond shortbread crust, chocolate ganache, coconut caramel, toasted coconut (contains almonds, dairy free)

Seasonal Chocolate Tarts / $ 5

Our desserts are paleo-friendly, made with the highest-quality all-natural sugars like honey or coconut sugar.



Hot Tea / $3.50
French Press Coffee / $4
Iced Green Tea / $3.5
Seasonal Lemonade / $3.5
Kombucha / $5
Oliko Ginger Beer / $5
Mineral Water / $3 House Soda Bar / $4.25

STEM Real Dry Cider / $7
STEM Seasonal Ciders / $7

Specialty Cocktails / start at $8

House Red / $8
Yard Dog Cab Blend / $ 9
Alto3 Reserve Malbec / $10 Storm Point Red Blend / $11
Cooper Hill Pinot Noir / $12

House White / $8 Better Half Sauvignon Blanc / $10
Cooper Mountain Chardonnay / $12
Clair de Rose / $9

Rotating Holidaily / $7

Two rotating seasonal beers on tap / $7



Dragon Tacos / 2 for $6  sub cassava tortillas .50
Abbondanza’s blue corn tortillas, Korean marinated skirt steak, house made kimchi, carrot cucumber slaw, Sriracha aioli
contains soy and nuts

Logan's Famous Riot Wings / 3 for $5
Grilled chicken wings, Riot Wing Sauce, romaine, carrots, celery, housemade ranch dressing
contains nuts

Flatbread Fritters / $5
Spicy red cabbage slaw and Sriracha aioli
contains nuts

Cauliflower Tacos / 2 for $5 sub cassava tortillas .50
Abbondanza's blue corn tortillas, macha salsa, avocado, lime, spicy red cabbage slaw

All Wines & Ciders / $1 off

Boulder Gluten Free Fresh Thymes Eatery Fresh Thymes Marketplace Logans Famous Riot Wings



House White / $6 a glass

Sauv Blanc / $8 a glass / $23 a bottle

Chardonnay / $10 a glass / $30 a bottle

Rosé / $7 a glass / $22 a bottle

House Red / $6 a glass

Cab Blend / $7 a glass / $22 a bottle

Malbec / $8 a glass / $23 a bottle

Storm Point Red Blend / $9 a glass / $27 a bottle

Pinot Noir / $10 a glass / $30 a bottle

Boulder Gluten-Free Restaurant

These items may be served raw/undercooked or contain raw or undercooked ingredients. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness and may lead to death. But then, so can crossing the street.