While our menu is subject to change based on what’s in season, our catering menu is always 100% gluten-free with ingredients sourced from our local farm and small biz partners in order to provide you with the best local, organic and non-gmo food for your event.

Vegetarian, vegan, paleo, peanut-free—our food caters to everyone (pun intended!). Even people who can eat whatever they want, whenever they want - especially when they just want dynamite food that's gonna wow their taste buds.


  • Available for parties of 20–120 people

  • Available during all regular business hours

  • Serving bowls, platters and serving ware provided upon request

  • Napkins and/or eco-friendly plates and cutlery upon request

  • Pick-up and delivery options available


Photo of a Fresh Thymes Marketplace Catering spread focused on a light brown pottery bowl mounding with vibrant magenta beet hummus. Halved fresh Mission Figs in the foreground.
A photo of Fresh Thymes Marketplace Catering's Tomato Tart, featuring heirloom tomato slices, goat cheese, on flatbread lined up along a natural wooden serving board being held by a server.
Photo of a large, white, square casserole dish holding an oven-warm gluten-free Shepherd's Pie from Fresh Thymes Marketplace Catering in Boulder Collorado. The Pie is topped with crust of rich waves of mashed sweet potato and a sprig of fresh herbs.