Fresh Thymes Eatery opened in August 2013 and was named the People’s Choice 2014 Best New Restaurant by Boulder’s Daily Camera. Inside joke: we actually take it as a compliment that we didn’t land Best Gluten-Free Menu because that means our friends just consider us a great restaurant, not a great gluten-free restaurant (even though we are).

As the demand for our ingredient-conscious food grew, we decided to grow right along with it by opening Fresh Thymes Marketplace in the fall of 2016. Today, we serve almost 500 meals a day and use 75 pounds of local beef bones a week to make our signature broth. That, and we still make it our business to do right by our customers (feed ‘em right), our planet (treat it right) and the food we serve (eat it right).

We support local non-profits to try to get food into bellies that need it. We currently work with Real|Good to end food insecurity, The Grief Support Network, EFAA, and The Growe Foundation. 

A close-in photo of the carefully hand-printed black board menu behind the counter at Gluten Free Fresh Thymes Eatery showing favorites such as the Rad Thai Pad Thai, Dragon Tacos, Yucatan Tempeh Tacos.


Skip the Science: Real food comes from nature, not laboratories. Period. You’ll never find unnatural additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients in our food.   

Eat Like Our Ancestors: The simplistic food system of our foremothers inspires us (non-GMO, grass-fed, organic, seasonal, etc.), so we bridge age-old culinary wisdom with modern techniques to make clean, whole dishes so good they could travel through time.

Call Dibs on Local: We source local ingredients first, turning only to organic national distributors when food from our home turf isn’t available. Our ethical and transparent sourcing has earned accreditations from Eat Real by ASPCA and the Good Food 100.

Listen to Your Body: Call us crazy, but we think everyone should be able to satisfy their appetite and stay true to what their bodies want. That’s why we serve up options for every body (paleo, dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free), making good food fun.

Show Allergens the Exit: Our food is intentionally intelligent and known by our regulars to wow taste buds without common allergens. 100% gluten-free and peanut-free, our kitchen only uses organic soy, corn, dairy and tree nuts sparingly (you can trust they’re labeled on the menu), and we always steer clear of cane sugar and all artificial sweeteners. Simple. As. That.

Find Better Fats: Canola and soybean oils are so, so, so out. We’re passionate about proper fats. Trading out refined, unhealthy fats for high-quality honest fats like coconut and extra virgin olive oil is non-negotiable.

Christine Ruch, Chef Owner Fresh Thymes Eatery Fresh Thymes Marketplace Catering Gluten Free Boulder Colorado



She has spent more than a quarter century in the food and beverage industry, and she hopes that number does more to boost her cred than it does reveal her age.

Inspired by her own experiences living with Celiac Disease and Multiple Sclerosis, Christine knows all about how real, nourishing food can make all the difference in your health. For years, she has effectively managed both of her conditions with clean eating and a cheerful outlook (seriously, this lady knows how to laugh), so now she proudly credits her improved wellbeing to the power of good nutrition.


At Fresh Thymes, we prioritize sustainable practices and local food sourcing. That's why we made the Good Food 100 List its first two years with a perfect 6-link rating (the links symbolize those in the food chain). Not only did we have to apply to be recognized, the application process included a thorough review of our food purchasing data, independently verified by NSF Responsible Sourcing.

Additionally, we're committed to supporting the wellbeing of farm animals and choose to support farmers who treat animals right while respecting the planet. By 2021, our goal is to source 100% of our animal protein from farms certified by either Animal Welfare Approved, Global Animal Partnership Step 2 or above, and/or Certified Humane. Currently, we source all of our pork, ground beef, and steak from farmers who meet or exceed ethical sourcing standards, and source most of our chicken from farms with an animal welfare certification recognized by REAL Certified and ASPCA Shop With Your Heart Program. By 2024, we will only source chicken from farms that are certified by Global Animal Partnership and require that chickens be processed  in a system that utilizes a pre-shackle multi-step controlled-atmosphere processing system that’s widely hailed as more humane.

So, what exactly do this mean? It means that we spend the majority, if not all, of our food costs to support local good-food producers and purveyors who are doing right by the environment and right by you, the consumer. By eating at Fresh Thymes, you know that the food you put in your body is sourced from the highest quality farms and butchers, responsibly raised on organic feed and never treated with lab-made pesticides. A total win-win for your belly and your conscious. 

You’ll never find unnatural additives, preservatives or artificial ingredient nastiness in our food. We source local ingredients first, turning only to organic national distributors when food from our home-turf ‘hood isn’t available. GMO canola and soybean oil are so out, we make a conscious choice to use organic coconut oil, locally milled organic sunflower oil and ethically sourced extra virgin olive oil from California.

Since day one, we have believed wholeheartedly that real food comes from nature, not laboratories. Our Food Philosophy and Sourcing Practices are your peace of mind so you can enjoy every morsel on your plate. 


We are honored to support the following local Boulder County nonprofits through fundraising efforts and food donations. 

Awards & Accolades

2019 / 1st Place for Best Gluten Free Menu, 1st Place for Best Organic Restaurant & 2nd Place for Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurant in the “Best of Boulder” County Awards

2018 / 1st Place for Best Gluten Free Restaurant, 2nd Place for Best Organic Restaurant & 3rd Place Winner for Best Vegetarian Restaurant in the “Best of Boulder” County Awards

2018 / Best Healthy Eats by The Colorado Daily

2014 / People’s Choice Best New Restaurant by Boulder’s Daily Camera